RCC Roof Heat Proofing

The presence or absence of insulation is an important part of the roof temperature, but not the only important factor in a roof. Roofing coatings today consist of special materials that increase the ability of the roof to radiate the absorbed heat back into the atmosphere instead of releasing it into the home. Although we do not find any reflective roof coating, it is a coating applied to metal or rubber roofs to reduce the heat on a roof. Sloping roofs and sloping roofs – the former receive direct heat from the sun, the latter absorb more heat than sloping roofs. It is important to realize that the benefit of a reflective coating varies depending on the coating you choose, how energy efficient your home is already, and whether or not you use air conditioning. It is up to you to make your roof coatings as energy efficient as possible and to keep the house cool. A reflective roof coating is applied to roofs to reflect more sunlight onto the surface and thus reduce heat absorption through the structure. Also known as cool roofing, roof coatings are available in a range of colours and surface thicknesses and can make a big difference when it comes to saving money on energy costs and consumption. They also help to create a more pleasant indoor climate and play a key role in extending the service life of the roof and its materials. Binding Poraver is installed as load-bearing roof insulation with a maximum thickness of 3.2 cm. By hanging from the ceiling, it serves as a levelling layer to cover the pipeline and as an insulating layer for walls and floors. The Roof Life Chemical roof forming system can be used as an ideal roof substrate for green roofs, constructed by combining a combination of RCC, Poraver and other high performance materials. Modern buildings must have a clear energy management strategy, with insulated concrete forms and green roofs being the most effective means of achieving and exceeding sustainability goals. The use of the Poraver helps to meet the energy requirements of modern buildings such as energy efficiency, water saving and renewable energies during construction.

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