Water Tank Leakage Treatment

Over time, the pressure on the tank can damage the water heater most. Most water heaters have a life span of 10 to 13 years, and if it comes out of the bottom of the tank in the burner chamber, this may be due to age. Finally, the bottom of the tank rusts and begins to leak. If there is a leak in the pipe connection to the water tank, the tank should be emptied completely and checked. Problems can be caused by aging, knocking or overheating of the storage tank, and the tank began to expand, which leads to the wrong shape of the tank. The only way to repair the water tank is to completely replace it with a qualified installer. Not all RV water tanks are easily accessible, but in this case it is recommended to remove the tank for this repair. First, drain the water remaining in the tank before disposing. Now disconnect the sensor cables and water inlet, the overflow hose and the drain hose. After disconnecting all power and water lines, the tank can be removed and taken out to be ready for repair. As previously mentioned, spraying or priming the system is bad because it can cause a pipe to burst, a crack in a corroded tank, or a valve, causing water to leak from the tank in a short time and causing damage. Heaters should not be installed in places where the instantaneous water heater can damage property, e.g. B.in the attic. One solution can be to install a drip tray, water leak detector and shut-off device. Replacing the entire hot water tank drain valve is usually the most reliable leak solution. However, you can try to gently tighten the valve with a wrench to check if the leak stops. Be careful not to over tighten the valve, otherwise leakage may increase or the valve may burst. Hang a garden hose in the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and allow it to drain to the floor. Make sure you empty the tank in a suitable place, e.g. B.at drain or sink. Do not drain the lawn or driveway, as sediments and rust from the tank can damage the grass or the driveway.

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